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unleash your creativity with 3d character animation

We all love animated characters, don't we? But sadly, creating animation is a cumbersome endeavor. It's expensive and time consuming, and thus remains beyond the reach of many.

Not for long.

At Imagination In Motion we are passionate about changing the way animation is created, produced, experienced and used.

With animation now ® we have created the most intuitive and practical real-time character animation system in the world. Now anyone can use 3D animated characters to express themselves and create unique content or formats. Unleash your imagination and get in touch with us.

Designed for practical usage, flexibility and modularity, animation now ® offers live animated characters, multiple puppeteers, real-time cameras, a video-like animation production tool, and much, much more.

Depending on your various needs, we offer unique IP franchises (our approach to formats) or licenses to our tools, including a library of characters and movements, on-site installation, consultancy, training and support, and the passion to boldly take your characters where they've never gone before.

It's time to put your imagination in motion!


What we do

Whether you are in the broadcast, content creation, events, location based entertainment or online media content industry, producing animated content has always been expensive and challenging. With Imagination In Motion, customized animation and character creation not only become available to anyone, they also become affordable to everyone.

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