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We all love animation, don't we? 
Imagination In Motion is a company dedicated to changing the way animation is created, produced, experienced and used. 

Founder Rudy Verbeeck has been part of the digital animation revolution from the start and has produced content for major studios in the US, as well as clients across the globe, through virtually any medium.

After the first digital revolution, Rudy and his development team started working on the very next step: real-time animation.

As CPU/GPU performances have more than doubled each year in the last decades, real-time animation is now available to content creators with no technical animation production skills or prior experience.

The philosophy behind animation now® is splitting asset creation from content creation. Once assets like characters, sets, props, animations and expressions are handed over to content creators, they are free to unleash their creativity and produce their own stories with unprecedented ease, speed and flexibility.

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It's time to put your imagination in motion!

Meet our team

Rudy Verbeeck


Herman Spliethoff


Rita Peeters

Business Development Manager

Peter Verswyvelen

Senior Software Architect

Dries van Havermaet

Technical Manager

Elyes Baccar

Production Director

Benjamin Vos

Senior Sales Manager

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