NewTV: live on VOD ?

As consumers move to content consumption mostly on their mobile device, the start of a short form platform does not come as a surprise.

August 20, 2018

Benjamin Vos

The start-up of the new platform gives short form content production companies huge new possibilities for content creation and new business models.  

Read the very interesting article here

The article mentions: 'a subscription service that will deliver compelling content across a variety of content verticals including news, sports and entertainment.' The question here is why in the end people will pay for this and how this the subscription fees will cover the production costs.

The other interesting question is will there be live coverage when airing a sports program ? And will news segments be pre-recorded or recorded and transmitted live ? Will this be a cross over between ‘classic’ live television and Netflix alive VOD services ? We do not know yet.

What we do know for a fact: current mobile smart devices all have super enhanced, crispy clear screens and a 4K resolution will be standard in the near future. In other words, watching a movie on a way smaller screen than a regular (smart) television set, is not considered as a problem.

This also means the monopoly of television cable companies for content distribution has ended for good and at the same time it ends the ‘package deals’ cable companies offer to consumers. You have to pay for 900 channels, even if you only watch 1. But bare in mind: the most viewed TV channel globally is National Geographic with around 1 percent market share per territory. It reached millions of homes as this channel comes almost standard in all ‘bundles’.

So NewTV is another ‘acknowledgment’ of this new reality. We, as Imagination in Motion are excited to be part of the revolution.

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