Fox Populi

Fox Populi is more than a talk show. Not just because it is hosted by a virtual host, but because the virtual host gives the opportunity to go where no flesh-and-blood host will go. David Fox is the center of the Fox Populi 'Universe' or 'Arena' and is being assisted by Martha (our boots on the ground investigative journalist), and his 2 sidekicks Diablo and Angelo (our foxes in the henhouse).



Our 4 protagonsists take the stage to bring their respective views on global and 'too hot to handle'  topics and question the powers that shouldn't be in unprecendented ways.


David Fox as a virtual character is able to ask questions, no real journalist has the balls to ask. He interviews real guests representing the powers that shouldn't be and passes on questions from the audiences. David has his personal Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube presence.


Martha is the impersonation of the new style woman investigative journalism. Tough, no BS, straight to the point and doesn't stop where others do.

She impresses by her in depth knowledge of the global geo-poiltical games being played, so she is not to be played with.


Diablo and Angelo are David Fox's Devil and Angel sidekicks and express unfiltered opinions about the global events and the guests.

STUDIO OPTIONS - Chroma or Alpha

The virtual studio comes with the franchise model and provides the ability for interviewing real people and have them interact with David Fox, Diablo and Angelo and of course with Martha.

In the studio you can choose for a green screen setup and make use of a chroma key or use a real set and use alpha keying for showing the 3D character 'augmented' to the viewers.

The virtual studio can handle incoming feeds, Skype calls and integrations with social media as Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter for live and interactive broadcast.


The Fox Populi franchise is designed for trans-media production as there are many outlets out there where global audiences consume content. Live broadcasting services via Youtube, Facebook and Twitter are just a few of the distribution platforms available reaching millions of viewers each day.


In the clip below you will see how much fun it is to have real people interact with a virtual host and the dynamic it adds to the conversation.


The core of our technology is called animation now® and lets content creators animate 3D characters in real-time with the use of a simple touch screen, microphone and tablet PC.


Common practice in the broadcast industry is to license a 'format'. The format license comes with a 'bible' including guidelines and line ups. Our franchise model is different as in the end user will receive all '3D assets' it needs to produce it's show. At the same time the content creator will receive technical and creative consultancy based on many years of experience in the broadcast and technology industry.

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