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Intelligent Internet Machines unlocks a universe of creative freedom with software designed to revolutionize how people make content.

The Toolkit

The Animachine Creative Suite is IIM’s powerful set of storytelling tools designed to put a professional animation studio in everyone’s pocket. Much of what makes up Animachine today will soon be offered as a 3rd party license.

The A.I. Core

Creativity through code. That’s how we look at it. IIM gives developers unique flexibility with our proprietary A.I. authoring environment. For example, Psycode is at the heart of Push!, bringing new possibilities for users to create real-time animation.

The Game

Push! is a social gaming app offering the perfect mix of music, motion & interactivity. At its core, Push! is a brand new way to build and publish animated content within the setting of a unique social challenge. It might even be defining a new app genre.


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